Bård Misund


University of Stavanger Business School



Publications in peer reviewed academic journals

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Work in progress

1.     Asche, F., Misund, B., & A. Oglend. Salmon market volatility spillovers (working paper).

2.     Misund, B. Price formation, volatility spill-overs, and risk management in the salmon farming industry: A review of the literature (working paper). 


Popular science publications

1.     Asche, F., Misund, B. and A. Oglend (2016). Fish Pool Priser – Hva Forteller de oss om fremtidige laksepriser? Norsk Fiskeoppdrett nr.8 2016, p.74-77. (preprint, preprint2)

2.     Misund, B. (2017). Fish Pool-priser –Fantasi eller virkelighet? iLaks (preprint)



3.     Misund, B. (2017). Suksesskriterier for kontraktsmarked. Nofima prosjekt (Finansiert av Fiskeri- og Havbruksnæringens Forskningsfond) (version 1, version 2).